Michael Luna - Jawbone Chief Technology Officer

Michael Luna of Jawbone

After serving in the United States Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician in the Naval Nuclear Power Program, Jawbone's chief technology officer (CTO) Michael Luna studied science and technology under the chief engineer of Beckman Instruments. This intense one-on-one instruction took place four and a half hours per day and included subjects such as real-time and multi-processor system design, control-system synthesis, chemical analysis using various pH and photometric methods, and advanced math and physics. Michael Luna’s career as a technology professional has included CTO positions with multiple California technology companies in fields ranging from biomedicine to consumer electronics. He joined the Jawbone team in September of 2007 as an advisor to the San Francisco company’s board of directors and accepted a full-time position as CTO in December of that same year.

Outside of the professional environment, Mr. Luna enjoys hunting and fishing. He is also an amateur beekeeper. After observing his bees, he began undertaking significant private apiological studies, examining the ways in which the social interactions of bees reflect those of human beings.